terça-feira, 15 de novembro de 2011

Mailer surfava as ondas gigantes

"What ruins most writers of talent is that they don't get enough experience, so their novels tend to develop a certain paranoid perfection.
For example, how much of the words of the history that's made around us is conspiracy, how much is simple fuckups? You have to know the world to get some idea of that."

"You can't change a single word. The best short stories are built on this premise."

"Some of my best ideas come because i haven't fixed my novel's future in concrete. Once you know your end, it's disastrous to get a new idea."

"The act of writing is a mistery, and the more you labor at it, the more you become aware after a lifetime of such activity that is not answers which are being offered so much as a greater appreciation of the literary mysteries."

"Nothing lifts our horizons like a piece of unexpected luck or the generosity of the gods."

Norman MailerThe Spooky Art - Some Thoughts on Writing 
(Random House / New York, 2003)